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The Best Junk Collection in Deltona, FL!

With Sierra's Junk Removal, you can expect reliable junk vehicle removal from skilled workers in the field! You no longer have to keep any cars you don’t want to and keep wondering what to do with them – if you live in Deltona, FL, you can call us, and we’ll take care of them to make it easier on you!


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Our Services

Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Removal

Junk removal doesn’t just have to encompass trash and debris from recent remodeling or gardening – it could very well include your car, and our service sure does! We want to lessen your burden of deciding what to do with your junk car. We have the solution! We’ll pick it up and take it away, just like that!
Unwanted Car Hauling

Unwanted Car Hauling

After a long time, there might be furniture, clothes, and even toys you don’t want to keep anymore, so why shouldn’t the same apply to old cars or just ones you no longer use? We’re here for your unwanted cars – we want them! We want to take them away and clear the stage for something new and better!
Car Collection and Hauling

Car Collection and Hauling

Our junk collection and hauling are all about those vehicles you no longer wish to use or even have before you. Sure, there are vintage cars that people love to keep for ages, but that’s normal because they’re of high value. But a junk car doesn’t do anyone any good. Allow our guys to come and collect it so we can haul it out of there!


Just because we mainly deal with removing cars from properties or cleaning up after wreckage doesn’t mean we can’t be there for you when the old car you’ve been using gives up on you at the most inopportune time! Don’t get frustrated and angry – we’ll come and give you and your vehicle a quick tow!
Car Wreckage Removal

Car Wreckage Removal

When your car is damaged in a wreckage, you must determine the degree of impairment. Decide whether you could salvage it and take it to an auto body shop for repair so you can still drive it or if it’s complete trash and has to be removed. We’ll come to the place of the wreckage and pick up the crushed vehicle!

Make it All Happen

Just because you need something specific doesn’t mean you have to spend weeks learning how to do it. The world has become so evolved and modern that there are always finding ways to make it all happen! Think about this – if you wanted to get from one town to another and didn’t have a car, you would use public transportation or a friend to give you a lift, wouldn’t you? If you require junk car removal – call professionals who have built their lives around the business!

Our Experience Will Help You

We have plenty of experience removing unwanted or junk cars, towing, and even helping out during car wreckages. That’s why we feel we can be more than helpful when you’re unsure what to do. It’s all about you and your specific needs! We’re here to here to whatever you need! Our guys are ready! You tell us what you need and your location, and we’ll come with our special equipment and talent for removing cars that are no longer necessary in a specific situation or household!

CallĀ Sierra's Junk Removal and ask about our affordable junk removal in Deltona, FL! If you have a hard time deciding what to do with that piece of junk that used to be a car – we can help you! If there’s a car you no longer want to see on the premises, do yourself a favor and ask for our assistance as soon as possible!

Client Testimonials

by Ryan Anderson on Sierra's Junk Removal
Very Affordable Junk Removal!

Not only did I get to experience affordable junk removal, but it was provided by extremely experienced contractors! There was no muss! There was no fuss! I simply told them I no longer needed my old, beat-up car, and they just asked where and when to come and get it. That was it! They took it away, and I did not break my budget!

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  • Junk Car Removal
  • Unwanted Car Hauling
  • Car Collection Services
  • Hauling Services
  • Towing
  • Car Wreckage Removal